about me
If you own a business and are looking for an industry expert to help with your DIGITAL MARKETING NEEDS with fast turn around time and a reasonable price then you’ve come to the right place.

I am an enthusiastic freelance digital marketer, creative web & graphic designer, project manager, internet lover, blogger vlogger & upcoming entrepreneur in London, ON.

about me
If you own a business and looking for an industry expert to help with your DIGITAL MARKETING NEEDS with fast turn around time and a reasonable price you’ve come to the right place.

I am an enthusiastic freelance digital marketer, creative web & graphic designer, project manager, internet lover, blogger vlogger & upcoming entrepreneur in London, ON.

why work with me
Someone who will work hourly/flat-rate based on the project/task requirements with a reasonable pricing structure.
Multiple certifications including Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Mobile Sites, HootSuite, & WordPress.
Bringing 6+ years of experience in Graphic Designing & 5+ years in Web Designing to make your business successful.
Call me in the morning, text in the noon, email in the evening, chat at night. Anyway. Anytime. Anywhere. Always Available.
Pixel Perfect
Develop websites that are pixel perfect for any screen size or device being used. Create graphics/videos that increases online traffic.
Up to date
Someone who is up to date with the latest Digital Marketing trends around the world so that you don't have to do the research.
Turnaround Time
Super fast turn around time on any given project or task. (Almost Unbelievable) Ask any of my previous clients and they will say the same.
Live. Breathe. Sleep.
I live. breath. and sleep. marketing"." Since last year I haven't taken any days off. (Including weekends/holidays.) I'm serious! 😉
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SEO optimized
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

my portfolio

If you want more details about on any specific project shown below feel free to get in touch.

Sandbar Grand Bend
SARI Therapeutic Riding
Mount Brydges Cougars
Trampoline Country Ads
Ultratec Special Effects
+1 (226) 2249778
Web Design
Build beautiful 'SEO & Mobile optimized' websites with great UI/UX.
Need that attention on FB, Instagram, snapchat or twitter? Get in touch.
Optimize your site so that Google would 'love' to show it in organic search results.
Gain leads for your business through targeted online ad campaigns.
Graphics / Video
Design eye catching video/graphics for your next business goal.
Magazine / Print Ads
You know people still read these, so let me help in designing your next creative print ad.
Branding Strategy
Let's work together on the single most important thing for your business.
Drinks on me
Just wanna say 'hi', have an idea, or a project to discuss? Let's meet up.
not literally!
Projects Completed
Hours Worked
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what they say about me
Prof. Mary Pierce
Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

I am pleased to recommend Priyank who is a talented digital marketing and project management professional. I have always found him to be focussed, creative and motivational. He is a great motivational speaker if you are having an event.

Prof. Liz Gray
Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Priyank is a talented and innovative individual who was an asset to our classes at Fanshawe College. He worked on several client projects for me as a part of Google Analytics and Google AdWords courses and always over-delivered and produced excellent results for the small businesses we worked with.

Prof. Mike Sloan
Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Without embellishing, I can say with confidence that I have never had such an extraordinary student. This is likely why I was quick to offer Priyank an internship to assist with me with Web development and SEO, activities for which I trust very few people to complete on my behalf. His knowledge is astonishing. Everything I ask of him, he can either do or can accomplish in a more efficient way than was taught to him this past semester.

Prof. Sherry McEvoy
Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Priyank is a tireless optimist who capitalizes on opportunities to improve his already-impressive digital marketing skills. Priyank is driven to succeed and very responsive to direction. He is always positive and respectful in his approach while at the same time demonstrating independent thinking and innovative solutions. He is a pleasure to work with and would be a great addition to any organization.

Kailey Van Der Spank
Fanshawe College
Pre-Placement Coordinator

I had the great pleasure of meeting Priyank through Fanshawe College. My Program Coordinator for BCom- Digital Marketing recommended Priyank to provide me a course refresher for Google Analytics and AdWords. Priyank was very professional and provided a weekly course syllabus on hot topics related to Google Analytics and Adwords programs. Priyank is very passionate when it comes to the Digital Marketing industry which is was highly demonstrated through his tutoring.

Prof. David McKenna
Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Mr. Mistri is an outstanding student. Mr. Mistri was a student in the Project Management Graduate Certificate at Fanshawe College and completed the program with exceptional marks. He has a very good working ethic, as well as taking on many leadership roles such as working as a research assistant along with his studies. I have no doubt that he will be successful at anything he undertakes in both his academic and professional career. It was a pleasure being his business professor.

Prof. R. N. Mautagi
Indus University
Head, Electronics & Comm Department

I am really impressed not only by Priyank Mistri’s projects but also by his website. I hope your work will also motivate other students in the university. We need a large number of thinkers like you in this country.

Loreen Sawatzky
beauty by PREEN

Priyank designed a website landing page for beauty by PREEN in a timely, cost effective and professional manner. He was patient with requests for edits and explored many options until all expectations, within their limits, were met. Priyank always responds to messages and emails quickly. He is passionate about his work and it is not surprising that he comes highly recommended.

Stephenie Peters
Dance Happy Dancewear

A consummate professional, Mr. Mistri designed the website for our shop from top to bottom. He was always available for us, day or night, completed the requested work in a very timely fashion and went above and beyond to make sure it was everything we needed and on the budget. I highly suggest his services in any area of his expertise.

Brandon Baird
Green Haven Trailer Park

We were looking for an affordable way to give our website a much-needed facelift and make it mobile friendly. Priyank has been an excellent solution. He impressed us with the speediness of his turnaround time for building the website.

His speedy service has continued as we ask him to perform regular updates and maintenance on our site. We were pleased with the professional service throughout the development process and the delivery of a high quality finished product.

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