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By Priyank Mistri | May 10, 2016 | 0 Comment

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In January 2016, after starting to work with a Professor Mike Sloan at Fanshawe College He asked me to make a new website for his father’s music Band “the magic moments”.  Below is a screenshot of an old website.  My task was to create a whole new website with the mobile friendly version as well as it must have designed in a way that the users who comes to the website have or feel The Vibes of an oldies musical band.


I did online research searching for a website layout that can be used for this musical band.  The next task for me was to design a website in a way that comprise all the information from the old website as well as have the new information such as information or biography about the artists of the band, images of their recent events, contact information as well as testimonials from clients and their past event places information. In the process of creating a new website, I also designed a brand new logo for them  as shown below.


In total it took me 2 weeks to design this website after communicating with the client, getting all the images and information regarding the content for the website and the pages such as a gallery ,events, contact etc. Below is a screenshot of the new website that I created using a WordPress CMS.



  • Mobile Friendly website
  • Developed using latest web technologies
  • Music Player
  • Highly targeted for right audience
  • Brand new logo
  • Installation of Google Analytics code to track visitors interaction with the website.

Also, client have the ability to edit the pages as well as the content within it. They can also include an embedded video on the web page.  if you go to the URL you would be able to see the  new website.

If you are a small business owner a student or a person who needs a new website don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, email or even a social media.


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